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We are an international consulting firm located in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

About us

Our main focus is to achieve extraordinary profits for our clients through Recovery Auditing.

Recovery Auditing is the systematic process of reviewing disbursement transactions and the related supporting data to identify and recover various forms of overpayments and underdeductions to suppliers. In other words, it’s the recovery of lost money.

Recovery Auditing Services for Corporate clients

Just imagine,

substantial extra profit with no additional work for your organization through Recovery Auditing.

Lost found

We’ll perform a detailed review of your organization’s accounts payable over previous years and recover your lost funds.

Comprehensive auditing

We provide a comprehensive audit, a more thorough review of all accounts payable transactions, including all relevant files such as contracts and purchase orders.

More profit

Utilizing our methodology, we were able to achieve substantial extraordinary profits for our clients and to help prevent future losses.

No risk

We offer our services for a fee contingent upon successful recovery of funds. There are no additional expenses and fees.

Recovery Auditing Services / Asset Recovery Services for Private clients

Find assets

We locate and recover assets that got lost, have been forgotten, have never been redeemed, have become unpaid or are otherwise deemed to be abandoned.

Find heirs

We also locate missing heirs and assist them in recovering the assets they are legally entitled to claim.

Comprehensive searches

We conduct comprehensive searches by utilizing our proprietary methodologies.

No risk

We offer our services for a fee contingent upon successful recovery of funds. There are no upfront costs.

Don’t miss this opportunity before your funds are lost and irrecoverable.

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